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  1. mariano says:

    eager to join

    Michael Hutchence is in the Bible (1Kings chapter 17 verse 17) and Kurt Cobain (2Kings chapter 4 verse 19).
    They committed suicide.
    Before Jesus returns to the Earth for the Final Judgment, the great tribulation will happen. And the prophet Elijah will precede the great tribulation. (Malachi chapter 4 verses 4 and 5).
    Prophet Elijah will resuscitate Michael Hutchence for him to reveal to the world that is the suicide.
    With the purpose that nobody commits suicide in the great tribulation (Luke chapter 23 verse 30) and (Matthew chapter 24 verses 21 and 22).
    Then Kurt Cobain will be resuscitated to confirm what Michael said (2Corinthians chapter 13 verse 1b) and  (John chapter 8 verse 17).
    More information in the Brazilian site: – in the end of this page
    there is a link for the page: The resurrection of Michael Hutchence and Kurt Cobain in the end of this page a link exists for the page: O décimo mandamento, in this page there are some information on Michael’s turn.
    Their death was inevitable, but not in vain.
    Bitter tears taste so sweet.

  3. # says:

    Rational play to you great friend…

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