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  1. Man, INXS was great. I just watched Adventureland for the 3rd and 4th time tonight and of course during the credits is the brilliant INXS song "Don't Change." Really makes me miss Michael. Huge influence on me in my childhood and teenage years (I'm 34 as I write this).
    Thanks, and RIP, Michael…

  2. Alice says:

    Hello! I  just discovered this site and i'm so happy there's a new one honoring Michael's memory!! Michael played the music of  my heart and nothing can change that! The one and only for me!

  3. chiara says:

    I was not a fan until I dreamed Michael a few month ago and now he is my angel, he's helping me through a difficult "rock" moment. Now i can not do without him and his music. Thank you to wipe my BITTER TEARS. 

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