Michael Hutchence DiscographyINXS Discography

An overview of Michael Hutchence's career and releases as lead singer & songwriter of INXS from 1980 to the present. 

All items from Matthew Marsland's personal INXS collection.


Singles / EP's:
Simple Simon (1980)

First INXS single released on Deluxe Records in Australia & RCA in France.  The band made their first TV appearance performing the song at the Sydney Cricket Ground for Simon Townsend's Wonder World.
Just Keep Walking (1980)

The first single off their debut self-titled album became a pub rock anthem.  The single was released in Australia and became the bands first top 40 single peaking at #38.  It was also released in the UK.  The band filmed their first ever video clip for this track directed by Gary Page.

The Loved One (1981)

Cover of the 60's hit by the Australian band The Loved Ones.  The single was produced by Richard Clapton who would then go on to produce INXS's 2nd album.  The single reached #18 in Australia.  The band would later re-record the song again for 1987's 'Kick' album.


Stay Young (1981) 

The first single from 'Underneath The Colours'.  The song was popular with radio and reached #21 in Australia.  The song included Dave Mason & Karen Ansell from the Australian band The Reels on backing vocals.  The video was directed by Peter Clifton who directed Led Zepplin's 'The Song Remains The Same' concert film.

nightofrebellion.jpg Night Of Rebellion (1982)

The 2nd single from Underneath The Colours, and the final single to finish their contract with Deluxe Records before signing with WEA in Australia.  The band performed the song on Countdown and was a favourite amongst the pub audiences.  No video clip was made for the single.

underneaththecolours.jpg Underneath The Colours (1982)

A very rare 3rd single was released by Deluxe only in New Zealand to coincide with the band supporting Cold Chisel on tour.  The band performed the song on Countdown in Australia during 1982, but again no official video clip was made for the single.

theonething.jpg The One Thing (1982)

Now signed to WEA in Australia & Atco Records in USA, the band with help of US college radio and MTV just launching, the video clip went on high rotation and the single hit #30 in USA.  At home in Australia the band continued their rise with the song peaking at #14.

dontchange.jpg Don't Change (1982)

Became the bands signature anthem to close their live shows.  Song reached #14 in Australia,  Video was directed in Adelaide by Scott Hicks who went to achieve great success with the Academy Award winning film 'Shine' in 1996.

tolookatyou.jpg To Look At You (1983)

 The 3rd single from Shabooh Shoobah reached #36 in Australia.  The video clip was again directed  by Scott Hicks.  The song would also appear in the movie 'Reckless' in 1984 starring Daryl Hannah & Aidan Quinn. 

 dance.jpg Dance E.P. (1983)

Released in Australia only, this EP was for the 12" extended mix of 'Black & White'.  Also featured 2 other B-sides 'Any Day But Sunday' & 'Long In Tooth'.  Reached #24 in Australia.

dekadanceusa.jpg Dekadance USA E.P. (1983)

To coincide with their first US Tour in 1983 the band released this 4 track EP of mixes from 'Shabooh Shoobah'.  Containing extended versions of 'To Look At You', 'The One Thing', 'Black & White' and 'Here Comes'. 

originalsin.jpg Original Sin (1983)

First single from 'The Swing'.  Recorded at the Powerstation in New York with Nile Rogers (Chic) as producer.  The song hit #1 in Australia, France & Argentina.  Video shot in Tokyo directed by Yasuhiko Yamamoto.

isendamessage.jpg I Send A Message (1984)

Reached #2 in Australia.  Video again shot in Tokyo at an old temple in Main Old City Park.

burnforyou.jpg Burn For You (1984)

The 3rd single in a row from 'The Swing' album to go top 5 in Australia.  This time hitting #3 on the charts.  The video clip was shot in North Queensland & London, and was the first INXS video directed by Richard Lowenstein.  It won Countdown Awards for 'Best Group Performance In A Video' and 'Best Promotional Video'.

 dancingonthejetty.jpg Dancing On The Jetty (1984)

The 4th single from 'The Swing' only reached #39 on the charts in Australia due to the video clip been banned for being too violent.  The lyrics 'Watch The World Argue' would feature on Michael's singlet during concerts in 1984/85.

xmasrecord.jpg Merry Christmas (1984)

Very rare fanclub only 7" single.  This was sent out to members of the INXS Information Centre.  The label reads "Merry Christmas Love From Michael, Jon, Tim, Kirk, Andrew & Garry".

dekadancecassette.jpg Dekadance Australian E.P. (1985)

Contained 6 remixes of songs from 'The Swing' album.  Plus a bonus track 'Jackson' which was a duet with Jenny Morris.  The album was released on cassette only with 6 different covers each featuring a different band member.  250 copies of a limited 12" vinyl promo were also pressed.  'Dekadance' reached #2 in Australia and stayed in top 10 for 12 weeks in a row!

listenlikethievessampler.jpg Listen Like Thieves Sampler: 4 Tracks From The Forthcoming Album (1985)

Issued in Holland only.  Previews 4 new tracks from the forthcoming 'Listen Like Thieves' album.  Includes 'This Time', 'What You Need', Kiss The Dirt', 'Listen Like Thieves'.

whatyouneed.jpg What You Need (1985)

The first single from 'Listen Like Thieves' in Australia reaching #2.  It then went #5 in the USA thanks to the song been broadcast around the world for Live Aid.  The video was directed by Richard Lowenstein and was ground breaking for it's time and became a hit with MTV around the world.  Won a Countdown Award for 'Best Video'.

thistime.jpg This Time (1985)

Released as the 2nd single in late 1985, the song made it to #19 in Australia.  The video was directed by Godley & Creme from the band 10cc.

kissthedirt.jpg Kiss The Dirt (1986)

Classic Australian video clip directed by Alex Proyas.  He would later go on to direct movies such as The Crow, Dark City & I, Robot.  The video was shoot in Moon Plains in Sth Australia, 45 kms north of Coober Pedy.  The song  reached #15 in Australia.

listenlikethieves.jpg Listen Like Thieves (1986)

Came in at #28 in Australia, #46 in the UK, #54 in the USA.  The video was filmed at the Palais Theatre in Melbourne directed by Richard Lowenstein.  The clip used cast members from Michael's film 'Dogs in Space'.

onexoneliving.jpg Musical Excerpts from Living INXS – One x One (Live) (1986)

After performing to Prince Charles & Princess Diana in Melbourne for 'Rocking The Royals',, the band released a home video of the concert titled 'Living INXS'.  A promo 12" single of 'One X One' live was released in Australia to promote the video release.

goodtimes.jpg Good Times (1986)

Recorded with Jimmy Barnes as a joint single for the upcoming 'Australian Made' tour in the summer of 1986/7.  The song reached #2 on the charts in Australia.  In the USA, the song was used on the soundtrack for 'The Lost Boys'.  The b-side 'Laying Down The Law' was also used in the movie.  The song reached #47 in the USA, and in 1990 was re-released in the UK where it reached #18.

needyoutonight.jpg Need You Tonight (1987)

The bands most successful song, the first single from 'Kick' hit #1 in USA and Canada!  #2 in the UK & #3 in Australia.  Also #10 in France.  The video was directed by Richard Lowenstein and won 5 USA MTV Awards in 1988 for Video Of The Year, Best Group Video, Breakthrough Video, Best Editing and Viewer's Choice.

devilinside.jpg Devil Inside (1987)

Reached #2 in the USA, #6 in Australia and #20 in France.  The video filmed at Balboa Beach in Southern California, directed by Joel Schumacher who directed 'The Lost Boys' & 'Batman Forever'. 


New Sensation (1988)

The 3rd single from 'Kick', the video was directed by Richard Lowenstein and shot in Prague on the balcony of Municipal House.  In between takes the band also shot a video for 'Guns In The Sky'.  The single was #3 in the USA, #8 in Australia & #15 in Canada.

nevertearusapart.jpg Never Tear Us Apart (1988)

Regarded as one of the greatest ballads in rock music, Michael wrote the song for his then girlfriend Michele Bennett.  The video by Richard Lowenstein was filmed at various locations in Prague including Charles Bridge & the Old Jewish Cemetery.  The song made #7 in the USA, #14 in Australia, #15 in Canada & #24 in the UK.  The song was used in the directors cut of the cult film 'Donnie Darko' in 2004.

inxs-kicksingle.jpg Kick (1988)

Released as a promotional single on the bands marathon 'Kick' tour in 1988.  The song reached #33 on radio charts in the USA.

mystify.jpg Mystify (1988)

The final single from 'Kick' wasn't released in Australia or USA.  But hit #5 in Canada, #14 in the UK and #16 in Germany.  The video was directed by Hamish Cameron who directed INXS's 'In Search Of Excellence' home video.

britawardscd.jpg Brit Awards Nomination (1989)

To commemorate the bands nomination as 'Best International Act' at the Brit Awards in February 1989, a promo cd was released in the UK containing 'Original Sin', 'What You Need', 'Tiny Daggers', 'Devil Inside', 'Never Tear Us Apart', 'Need You Tonight (Ben Liebrand Mix)'.

selectivevol1.jpg Selective INXS Volume 1 (1990)

Issued as a promotional cd by Mercury Records in the UK only.  Contains 'Original Sin', 'Don't Change', 'What You Need', 'Listen Like Thieves', 'Kiss The Dirt'.


Selective INXS Volume 2 (1990)

Issued as a promotional cd by Mercury Records in the UK only.  Contains 'New Sensation', 'Devil Inside', 'Never Tear Us Apart', 'Need You Tonight', 'Mystify'.

selectivevol3.jpg Selective INXS Volume 3 (1990)

Issued as a promotional cd by Mercury Records in the UK only.  Contains 'Need You Tonight (Ben Liebrand Mix)', 'What You Need (Extended Version)', 'Listen Like Thieves (Extended Remix)', 'Guns In The Sky (Kick Ass Remix)', 'New Sensation (Extended Remix)', 'Devil Inside (12" Version).

suicideblonde.jpg Suicide Blonde (1990)

The first single from the 'X' album reached #2 in Australia, #3 in Canada, #9 in USA and #11 in the UK.  A video was made for both the single version and 12" version.  The band previewed the song live at the 1990 USA  MTV Video Awards.  Nominated for a Grammy Award in 1990.

disappear.jpg Disappear (1990)

Michael wrote this track with Jon Farriss in Hong Kong.  The band performed the single at the American Music Awards in 1991.  The song reached #8 in the USA, #9 in Canada, #21 in UK and #23 in Australia.  The video was shot by Claudia Castle.  This single would make 6 consecutive top 10 singles in the USA, the first non-American band since Culture Club in 1983/84 to achieve this.

bittertears.jpg Bitter Tears (1991)

Released as the 3rd single from 'X' in Australia.  And as the 4th single in the UK to coincide with the Wembley Stadium show.  The video was shot in Hervey Bay by Richard Lowenstein, and produced by Michele Bennett.  The song reached #30 in the UK, #36 in Australia and #46 in USA.  A highlight was the 12" remix by Pete Lorimer which a video clip was also made for on the bands European tour.

bymyside.jpg By My Side (1991)

Released to coincide with the bands Australian X Factor  tour in 1991, the song charted at #23 in Australia and #42 in UK.  The video was directed by Richard Lowenstein and was filmed at the Sydney Opera House.  The video featured members of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

dollyfaith.jpg Faith In Each Other [Live] (1991)

Exclusive blue flexi disc single with 'Dolly Magazine' in Australia.  Features the track recorded live in London in 1990 at Wembley Arena.

shiningstar.jpg Shining Star (1991)

Released as a non-live single off the live album 'Live Baby Live'.  The band wrote the song the day after performing at Wembley Stadium.  The video was directed by David Mallet who filmed the Wembley show.  Filmed at The Phoenician Club in Sydney.  The single reached #14 in the USA, #21 in Australia, #26 in Canada and #27 in the UK.

inediti.jpg Inediti Live E.P. (1991)

Issued with Max Magazine in Italy.  Contains 4 tracks from 'Live Baby Live' including 'Mystify (live)', 'I Send A Message (live)', 'Faith In Each Other (live)', 'Bitter Tears (live)'.

thestairs.jpg The Stairs [Live] (1991)

Released as a single in Holland only on cd and 7" single. It included the live version from Wembley Stadium and the Studio version.  A video clip was made for The Stairs on the bands 1990 European tour.  The live version was also released as a promotional cd in Australia.

mystifylive.jpg Mystify [Live] (1991)

The live version released as promtional singles in Spain and Italy to promote the 'Live Baby Live' album.

bittertearslive.jpg Bitter Tears [Live] (1991)

Released as a single in France & Holland to promote the 'Live Baby Live' album.

newsensationlive.jpg New Sensation [Live] (1991)

Released as a promotional single in Australia for the 'Live Baby Live' album.

heavensent.jpg Heaven Sent (1992)

First single from 'Welcome To Wherever You Are'.  The song reached #13 in Australia and Canada and #31 in the UK.  The video was directed by Richad Lowenstein.  The band performed the song live at the ARIA Awards in 1993.

Not Enough Time (1992)

Was released as a single in the USA and Japan only.  Reached #28 in the USA.  The song was used as part of the official music for the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games.  The song features singer Deni Hines on backing vocals.  Video directed by Howard Greenhaulgh.


Baby Don't Cry (1992)

The band used a 60 piece orchestra on the track.  The single reached #20 in the UK and #30 in Australia.  The video directed by Paul Boyd won 'Best Australian Video' at the 1992 Australian Music Awards.

tasteit.jpg Taste It (1992)

 The original video for the song directed by Baillie Walsh in London was deemed as too risque for TV.  A 2nd video was alos released featuring the band live at 'The Concert For Life'.  The single reached #21 in the UK and #36 in Australia. 

beautifulgirl.jpg Beautiful Girl (1993)

The final single lifted from 'Welcome To Wherever You Are' reached #23 in the UK, #28 in Canada, #34 in Australia and #42 in the USA.  The video was directed by Mark Pellington and dealt with the issue of anorexia for women.  The video was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1993.


Communication (1993)

Released as a 5th promo cd in USA only by Atlantic Records for the 'Get Out Of The House' tour in May 1993.  'Communication' was a stand out track on the small club tour opening the concerts each night.


getoutofthehouse.jpg Get Out Of The House Tour (1993)

To commemorate the bands UK pubs and clubs tour in 1993, a promo cd was issued featuring a track from each of the bands previous albums. 'Communication', 'Bitter Tears', 'Mystify', 'Listen Like Thieves', 'Don't Change', 'Burn For You', 'Underneath The Colours', 'Just Keep Walking'.

thegift.jpg The Gift (1993)

First single to be released from 'Full Moon, Dirty Hearts'.  The song featured an amazing video directed by Richard Lowenstein which won an ARIA Award for 'Best Australian Video'.  The single peaked at #11 in the UK and #16 in Australia.

please.jpg Please (You Got That..) (1993)

Featured Ray Charles dueting with Michael Hutchence on lead vocals.  The band performed the song with Ray on the 'David Letterman Show'.  The band also filmed a video with Ray Charles directed by Matt Mahurin.  The single reached #37 in Australia and #50 in the UK.

time.jpg Time (1994)

Released to coincide with the bands 'Dirty Honeymoon Tour' in Australia and Asia in early 1994.  The single was released in Australia reaching #36, and was also released in Japan.  The video clip was filmed at Barker Hanger in Santa Monica during the band's 'Get Out Of The House' tour in May 1993.  It was directed by Clayton Jacobsen.

freedomdeep.jpg Freedom Deep (1994)

The 4th single off 'Full Moon, Dirty Hearts' was released only in Australia but due to record label problems the single received no promotion and failed to chart.  The band performed the song live at The Great Musical Experience in Nara, Japan backed with Japanese instruments in May, 1994.

fullmoondirtyheartssingle.jpg Full Moon, Dirty Hearts (1994)

On this track Michael duets with Chrissie Hynde from The Pretenders.  Was released as a promotional cd single only in the UK.

makeyourpeace.jpg Make Your Peace (1994)

Released as a promotion single in Mexico only.  The video clip was directed by Clayton Jacobsen who went on to direct the film 'Kenny' in 2006.

keepthepeace.jpg Keep The Peace (1994)

Included on the soundtrack for the movie 'Beverly Hills Cop 3.  And was also released as a promotional single in the USA.  The band filmed a video for the track in USA directed by Drew Coralan.

 strangestparty.jpg The Strangest Party (These Are The Times…) (1994)

This was the single from the bands 'INXS: The Greatest Hits' album.  The band performed the song on 'The David Letterman Show' and twice on 'Top Of The Pops'.  The single reached #15 in the UK and #30 in Australia.  The video was directed by Andy Delaney & Monty Whitebloom for Big TV.

originalsin95_0.jpg Original Sin '95 Remix (1995)

'Original Sin' was remixed and released as a single in Germany only in 1995.  The single contained Epic Adventure Edit, Ian Green Mix and Epic Adventure Mix.

 sensation.jpg Sensation – Electroset (1995)

Released in UK and Europe.  Samples 'New Sensation'.  Includes remix by Tin Tin Out. 

ewsampler.jpg Elegantly Wasted Advance Music Selections (1997)

In Canada a special sampler cd was made to preview the upcoming album tracks.  Contains the songs 'Show Me', 'Elegantly Wasted', 'Everything', 'Don't Lose Your Head', 'Searching', 'I'm Just A Man'.

Elegantly Wasted (1997)

The first single from the 'Elegantly Wasted' album.  The song reached #20 in the UK and #48 in Australia.  The video was directed by Walter Stern and shot in LA and the Mojave Desert.  The band performed the song live on the 'David Letterman Show' and 'Top Of The Pops'.

aspen.jpg Live In Aspen E.P. (1997)

Rare EP included if you pre-ordered 'Elegantly Wasted' album from 'Brashs' music stores in Australia.  Included 6 live songs from Rock the Rockies gig in Aspen.  'New Sensation', 'Elegantly Wasted', 'Searching', 'Need You Tonight', 'What You Need' and 'Kick'.

everything.jpg Everything (1997)

2nd single from 'Elegantly Wasted' only reached #71 in the UK and failed to chart in Australia.  The video was directed by Paul Boyd and shot in Los Angeles at Ren-Mar Studios in Hollywood in April 1997.  The track was also remixed by Basement Jaxx.

girlonfire.jpg Girl On Fire (1997)

Released as a promotional single only.  The track was remixed by the Dirty Beatniks.

dontloseyourhead.jpg Don't Lose Your Head (1997)

Used in the film 'Face Off' starring John Travolta and Nicolas Cage.  Two different video clips were shot directed by Nick Egan.  The song was released as a single in Australia & Japan.  The radio edit was remixed by Tom Lord-Alge.

Searching (1997)

Was withdrawn from sale in the UK and Germany when Michael died.  In the UK there were 3 different versions of the cd single.  Most were destroyed, but a few leaked out and are now very collectable.  The band performed the track at the ARIA Awards in September, 1996.  A video clip was shot in San Francisco directed by Nick Egan.


 tallpaul.jpg Precious Heart – Tall Paul vs INXS (2001)

Contains sample of 'Never Tear Us Apart'.  Reached #14 in the UK, #27 in Australia and #30 in Germany.

 partone.jpg I'm So Crazy – Par-T-One vs INXS (2001)

Sampled 'Just Keep Walking'.  Peaked at #19 in the UK, #45 in Australia and #76 in Germany.  Song performed by Par-T-One on Top Of The Pops in the UK.  Video clip directed by Sam Brown & Paul Gore.

salvationjane.jpg Salvation Jane (2002)

Originally INXS wrote the song in 1991, but Jenny Morris ended up recording it for her 1995 album 'Salvation Jane'.  It wasn't until 2002 that INXS finally released their version.  USA only cd by Rhino.

tight.jpg Tight (2002)

This song was originally recorded for 'Welcome To Wherever You Are'.  The idea was for Tom Jones to be a guest singer on it.  The track was reworked and remixed and released as a single in 2002.  A video was made featuring footage of Michael Hutchence as a tribute.

 rogue.jpg One Of My Kind – Rogue Traders vs INXS (2003)

Sample of 'Need You Tonight'.  The track charted at #10 in Australia and made it to number #1 on the ARIA Dance Charts.

 bangthedrum.jpg Bang The Drum E.P. (iTunes Download-Only) (2004)

Download only 4-track EP contained a previously unreleased song from the 'Elegantly Wasted' sessions 'Bang The Drum', the b-side 'Let It Ride' and 2 live songs from Rock The Rockies in Aspen 'Elegantly Wasted' and 'Don't Change'.


New Sensation (The Beginerz Mix) (2004)

Released as a promotional 12" single on vinyl for the INXS²: The Remixes album in Australia.

 mellowtrax.jpg Mystify – MellowTrax feat INXS (2004)

Remix of 'Mystify' reached #74 on the charts in Germany.

 tiltmyhat.jpg Tilt My Hat – Andy J (2005)

Sampled the chorus of 'Burn For You'.  Big hit on the ARIA dance charts in Australia in the summer of 2005/06.

 futureretro.jpg Need You Tonight (Future Retro Remixes) (2005)

Released in the USA only to promote Rhino's 'Future Retro' double album.  Cd includes 4 new remixes of 'Need You Tonight' – 'Static Revenger Mix Edit', 'Static Revenger Club Mix', 'Static Revenger Extended Mix', 'Koishii & Hush Remix'.

 kash-vs-inxs-dream-on-black-girl.jpg Dream On Black Girl – Kash vs INXS (2006)

Samples 'Original Sin'.  Released in Europe.

 koisii.jpg Need You Tonight (Koishii & Hush vs INXS) iTunes-only download) (2006)

3 remixes of 'Need You Tonight' by Koishii & Hush available in the USA on iTunes. 'Radio Edit', 'Extended Remix', 'Dub Remix'.

 profgreen.jpg I Need You Tonight – Professor Green (2010)

Sample of 'Need You Tonight'.  Reached #3 in the UK, #14 in Europe and #15 in Ireland.

inxs.jpg INXS (1980)

Reached #27 in Australia and produced by Duncan McGuire.  'On A Bus', 'Doctor', 'Just Keep Walking', Learn To Smile', 'Jumping', 'In Vain', 'Roller Skating', 'Body Language', 'Newsreel Babies', 'Wishy Washy'.

underneaththecolours_0.jpg Underneath The Colours (1981)

Charted at #15 in Australia, produced by Richard Clapton. 'Stay Young', 'Horizons', 'Big Go Go', 'Underneath The Colours', 'Fair Weather Ahead', 'Night Of Rebellion', 'Follow', 'Barbarian', 'What Would You Do', 'Just To Learn Again'.

inxsive.jpg INXSIVE (1982)

Highlights from the first 2 albums and b-sides to finish contract with Deluxe reached #74 in Australia.  Re-issued on cd in 1991.  'Learn To Smile', 'Wishy Washy', 'Stay Young', 'Prehistoria', 'We Are The Vegetables', 'Underneath The Colours', 'The Loved One', 'The Unloved One', 'Simple Simon', 'Fair Weather Ahead', 'In Vain', 'Big Go Go', 'Lacavocal', 'Just Keep Walking'.

shoobah.jpg Shabooh Shoobah (1982)

Hit #5 in Australia and #46 in the USA.  Produced by Mark Opitz.  'The One Thing', 'To Look At You', 'Spy Of Love', 'Soul Mistake', 'Here Comes', 'B;ack & White', 'Golden Playpen', 'Jan's Song', 'Old World New World', 'Don't Change'.

theswing.jpg The Swing (1984)

Smash hit album reaching #1 in Australia and included 3 top 5 singles!  Produced by Nick Launay and Nile Rogers.  'Original Sin', 'Melting In The Sun', 'I Send A Message', 'Dancing On The Jetty', The Swing', 'Johnson's Aeroplane', 'Love Is (What I Say)', 'Face The Change', 'Burn For You', 'All The Voices'.

verybestofinxsjap84.jpg The Very Best Of INXS [1983-84] (1984)

Promotional album issued in Japan 250 copies only.  Features 'Original Sin', 'I Send A Message', 'The One Thing', 'Don't Change', 'To Look At You', 'Original Sin (Extended Version)', 'The One Thing (Extended Version)', 'In Vain (live)' 'Just Keep Walking (live)'. 

listenlikethieves_0.jpg Listen Like Thieves (1985)

First INXS album to be produced by Chris Thomas.  Reached #3 in Australia, #11 in USA and #48 in the UK.  'What You Need', 'Listen Like Thieves', 'Kiss The Dirt', 'Shine Like It Does', 'Good + Bad Times', 'Biting Bullets', 'This Time', 'Three Sisters', 'Same Direction', 'One X One', Red Red Sun'.

whatyouneedjapan.jpg What You Need: The Very Best Of INXS [1983-86] (1986)

Promotional album issued in Japan 250 copies only.  Features 'What You Need', 'This TIme', 'The One Thing', 'Kiss The Dirt', 'Listen Like Thieves', 'Don't Change', 'What You Need (Extended Version)', 'Burn For You (Extended Version)', 'I Send A Message (Extended Version)', 'Original Sin (Extended Version)'.

kick.jpg Kick (1987)

#1 in Australia, #3 in USA, #9 in UK and #11 in Germany.  Included 4 top 10 singles in the USA.  Produced by Chris Thomas. 'Guns In The Sky', 'New Sensation', 'Devil Inside', 'Need You Tonight', 'Mediate', 'The Loved One', 'Wild Life', 'Mystify', 'Kick', 'Calling All Nations', 'Tiny Daggers'.

newmusicfrominxs.jpg New Music From INXS (1990)

Promotional cd released by Atlantic Records in USA as a reminder of INXS's hits before the release of 'X'.  Contains 'Need You Tonight / Mediate', 'Listen Like Thieves', 'What You Need', 'Original Sin (Dance Version)', 'New Sensation (Nick's Twelve Inch Mix)', 'Never Tear Us Apart', 'The One Thing', 'Devil Inside (Remixed Version)', 'I Send A Message', 'Don't Change'.

xmarksthespot.jpg X Marks The Spot: A Decade Of Hits (1990)

Promotional cd released by Atlantic Records in Canada as a reminder of INXS's hits before the release of 'X'.  Contains 'Need You Tonight / Mediate', 'Listen Like Thieves', 'What You Need', 'Original Sin (Dance Version)', 'New Sensation (Nick's Twelve Inch Mix)', 'Never Tear Us Apart', 'The One Thing', 'Devil Inside (Remixed Version)', 'I Send A Message', 'Don't Change'.

x.jpg X (1990)

Charted at #1 in Australia, #2 in UK, #5 in USA, #7 in France and #9 in Germany.  Produced by Chris Thomas.  'Suicide Blonde', 'Disappear', 'The Stairs', 'Faith In Each Other', 'By My Side', 'Lately', 'Who Pays The Price', 'Know The Difference', 'Bitter Tears', 'On My Way', 'Hear That Sound'.

Live Baby Live (1991)

Reached #3 in Australia, #8 in UK, #31 in France, #42 in Germany and #72 in USA.  Produced by Mark Opitz.  'New Sensation', 'Guns In The Sky', 'Mystify', 'By My Side', 'Shining Star', 'Need You Tonight', 'Mediate', 'One X One', 'Burn For You', 'The One Thing', 'This Time', 'The Stairs', 'Suicide Blonde', 'Hear That Sound', 'Never Tear Us Apart', 'What You Need'.

welcometowhereveryouare.jpg Welcome To Wherever You Are (1992)

Debuted at #1 in the UK.  Reached #2 in Australia, #8 in Germany, #16 in USA and #31 in France.  Produced by Mark Opitz.  'Questions', 'Heaven Sent', 'Communication', 'Taste It', 'Not Enough Time', 'All Around', 'Baby Don't Cry', 'Beautiful Girl', 'Wishing Well', 'Back On Line', 'Strange Desire', 'Men And Women'.

Full Moon, Dirty Hearts (1993)

Recorded on the Isle of Capri and produced by Mark Opitz.  Charted at #3 in UK, #4 in Australia, #27 in Germany and #53 in USA. 'Days Of Rust', 'The Gift', 'Make Your Peace', 'Time', 'I'm Only Looking', 'Please (You Got That..), 'Full Moon Dirty Hearts, 'Freedom Deep', 'Kill The Pain', 'Cut Your Roses Down', 'The Messenger', 'Viking Juice'.

thegreatesthits.jpg INXS: The Greatest Hits (1994)

With the band finishing a contract with Atlantic Records in USA, since they were putting out a Greatest Hits in the USA, the band decided to release it around the world as well.  Featured 2 new songs 'The Strangest Party' and 'Deliver Me'.  Reached #2 in Australia, #3 in UK, #9 in Germany, #11 in France.

alljuicedup.jpg All Juiced Up (1994)

Released as a bonus cd with 'INXS: The Greatest Hits' in Australia and the UK.  Contains Taste It (Youth Acapella Mix), Cut Your Roses Down (Sure Is Pure Mix), Suicide Blonde (Milk Mix), Please (E-Smooth Club Need Mix, Disappear (Red Zone Mix), I'm Only Looking (Morales Bad Yard Mix), Cut Your Roses Down (Sure Dub Mix), What You Need (Cold Cut Mix), Devil Inside (12" Mix).

elegantlywastedalbum.jpg Elegantly Wasted (1997)

Last studio album with Michael Hutchence.  Produced by Bruce Fairbairn.  #14 in Australia and Canada, #16 in UK,  #23 in Germany, #30 in France & #41 in USA.  'Show Me (Cherry Baby)', 'Elegantly Wasted', 'Everything', 'Don't Lose Your Head', 'Searching', 'I'm Just A Man', 'Girl On Fire', 'We Are Thrown Together', 'Shake The Tree', 'She Is Rising', 'Building Bridges', 'Shine'.

shinelikeitdoes.jpg Shine Like It Does Anthology (2001)

42-track double album containing songs from 1979 – 1997.  Released by Rhino in USA only. 

stayyoungdeluxe.jpg Stay Young 1979 -82 The Complete Deluxe Years (2002)

Released in Australia by Raven Records in 2002.  Contains the bands first 2 albums plus a 2nd cd with 'Telefone', 'Silent Night', 'Breakaway', 'Reckless Ways', 'Pretzel Logic', 'Reasons', 'Feeling Good', Miss Shapiro / You Really Got Me', 'On A Bus (live)', 'The One Thing (live)', 'Speed Kills', 'Underneath The Colours (Chicken Mix)', Capri Re-Recordings - 'Barbarian', 'Just Keep Walking', 'In Vain', Stay Young'.

theyears.jpg The Years 1979 – 1997 (2002)

Sold over 200,000 copies in Australia!  Debuting at #8 in Australia.  Includes 42 hits between 1979 – 1997 on 2cds.  Includes 2 previously unreleased songs 'Salvation Jane' & 'Tight'.

definitive.jpg Definitive INXS (2002)

Released with tracklisting to suit UK territory.  Included bonus content.  'Mystify (live)', 'Suicide Blonde (live)', 'New Sensation (live)', 'Tight (The Automator Remix)', 'Precious Heart (radio edit)', 'I'm So Crazy (radio edit)', 'Suicide Blonde (video)', 'Need You Tonight (video)', 'Mystify (video)'.

bestofinxs.jpg Best Of INXS (2002)

Released in USA only by Rhino.  Contains 21 tracks for USA territory.  Includes 2 previously unreleased tracks 'Salvation Jane' and 'Tight (The Automator Remix)'.

 kickreissue.jpg Kick Remastered Edition (2002)

Released in the USA only by Rhino / Atlantic.  Includes the bonus tracks 'Move On (Guitar Version)', 'Jesus Was A Man', 'Mystify (Chicago Demo)', 'The Trap (Demo)'.

 xreissue.jpg X Remastered Edition (2002)

Released in the USA only by Rhino / Atlantic.  Includes the bonus tracks 'Waiting To Be Free', 'Deepest Red', 'Salvation Jane (Demo)', 'Who Pays The Price (Demo)', 'Dark Of Night (Demo)'.

welcomeremastered.jpg Welcome To Wherever You Are Remastered Edition (2002)

Released in USA only by Rhino / Atlantic.  Includes the bonus tracks 'The Answer', 'Wishing Well (Version 2)', 'All Around (Version 2)', 'The Indian Song', 'Heaven Sent (Waltz Version – Original Demo)'.

squared.jpg INXS²: The Remixes (2003)

Remix cd released in Australia and charted at #91 in Australia.  Featured remixes from Paul Oakenfold, Basement Jaxx, David Morales, Rogue Traders, Tall Paul, Par-T-One, Apollo 440, Pete Lorimer, Coldcut, Leadstation, The Beginerz and Youth.

 kickdeluxe.jpg Kick Deluxe Edition (2004)

Released in UK / Europe only.  Contains bonus cd of out-takes and demos. 'Move On', 'I'm Coming (Home)', 'On The Rocks', 'Mystify (Chicago Demo)', 'Jesus Was A Man (Demo), 'The Trap (Demo)', 'New Sensation (Nick 12" Mix)', 'Guns In The Sky (Kick Ass Remix)', 'Need You Tonight (Mendelson Extended Mix)', 'Mediate (Live From America)', 'Never Tear Us Apart (Live From America)', 'Kick (Live From America)'.

hetbestevaninxs.jpg Het Beste Van INXS (2004)

Universal Music issued a 10-track best of album with Belgium newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws.  Featuring 'Need You Tonight', 'Suicide Blonde', 'Disappear', 'Baby Don't Cry', 'Beautiful Girl', 'Listen Like Thieves', 'New Sensation', 'Original Sin', 'Mystify', 'Never Tear Us Apart'.

needyoutonightandotherhits.jpg Need You Tonight And Other Hits (2004)

Budget cd released in USA by Flashback Records.  Features 'Need You Tonight', 'What You Need', 'Dancing On The Jetty', 'Don't Change', 'Disappear', 'Not Enough Time', 'Hear That Sound', 'Devil Inside', 'All Around', 'Good Times'.

originalsinncd.jpg Original Sin (2004)

Budget cd released for UK/European market by Spectrum Music including 'Just Keep Walking', 'In Vain', 'Learn To Smile', 'Underneath The Colours', 'Horizons', 'Barbarian', 'Don't Change', 'Spy Of Love', 'Here Comes', 'Original Sin', 'Melting In The Sun', 'Johnson's Aeroplane', 'Listen Like Thieves', 'Same Direction', 'Biting Bullets', 'Devil Inside', 'Wild Life', 'Calling All Nations'.

 liveatbarkerhanger.jpg Live At Barker Hanger (iTunes Download) (2005)

20-track live album download from Santa Monica May 8th, 1993.

tasteitcollection.jpg Taste It: The Collection (2006)

Budget cd released for European territory by Spectrum Music includes 'Bitter Tears', 'Faith In Each Other', 'Who Pays The Price', 'Hear That Sound', 'Shining Star', 'Taste It', 'All Around', 'Wishing Well', 'Strange Desire', Please (You Got That..)', 'Kill The Pain', 'I'm Only Looking', 'Cut Your Roses Down', 'The Strangest Party', Don;t Lose Your Head', 'Shake The Tree', 'Girl On Fire', 'We Are Thrown Together'.

germany1984cd.jpg Live in Germany 1984 (2009)

Released by Immortal in Europe only.  INXS in Hamburg, Germany, May 8th, 1984.  20 live songs including 'To Look At You', 'Soul Mistake', 'Just Keep Walking', 'Face The Change', 'Melting In The Sun', 'Old World New World', 'The One Thing', 'Love Is (What I Say)', 'Jan's Song', 'Dancing On The Jetty', 'Black & White', 'Spy Of Love', 'I Send A Message', 'Original Sin', 'Don't Change', 'Golden Playpen', 'The Swing', 'Stay Young', 'Wishy Washy', The Loved One'.

 seriously.jpg Seriously Live (iTunes only download album) (2010)

26-track live album available in Australia with the download of INXS Platinum on iTunes.

platinum.jpg Platinum [1987 - 1993] (2010)

Contains a selection of songs from 1987 to 1993.  Reached #21 in Australia. 'Suicide Blonde', 'Heaven Sent', 'By My Side', 'Bitter Tears', 'Mystify', 'Full Moon Dirty Hearts', Baby Don't Cry', 'Please (You Got That..)', 'The Loved One', 'Beautiful Girl', 'Never Tear Us Apart', 'Disappear', 'Not Enough Time', 'Devil Inside', 'Need You Tonight', 'New Sensation'.

rocking_the_royals_itunes.jpg Rocking The Royals (iTunes only download album) (2011)

 11-track iTunes download-only album from the classic 'Rocking The Royals' gig from Melbourne in November 1985. 'Burn For You', 'Kiss The Dirt', 'Dancing On The Jetty', The One Thing', 'This Time', 'Shine Like It Does', 'Listen Like Thieves', 'What You Need', 'One X One', 'Don't Change'. 


INXS Remastered: Box Set (2011)

10 Studio Albums Remastered on CD – INXS, Underneath The Colours, Shabooh Shoobah, The Swing, Listen Like Thieves, Kick, X, Welcome To Wherever You Are, Full Moon Dirty Hearts, Elegantly Wasted.  Released in Australia, UK & Europe by Universal Music.


INXS The Very Best (2011)

35 Greatest Hits plus Need You Tonight (Mash Up vs Gwen Stefani), New Sensation (Live Edinburgh Playhouse 1987), What You Need (Live Edinburgh Playhouse 1987), Mystify (Live Edinburgh Playhouse 1987), Disappear (Live Bixton Academy 1994).  DVD: Documentary, Taste it (Top Of The Pops 1992), The Strangest Party (Top Of The Pops 1994), Never Tear Us Apart (Jools Holland 1994), Need You Tonight (Video), New Sensation (Video), Beautiful Girl (Video), Suicide Blonde (Video), The Gift (Video)

Videos / DVDs / CD-ROMs:  
The Swing & Other Stories (1985)

Includes 11 videos with documentary footage & interviews. 'The One Thing', 'Don't Change', 'Spy Of Love', 'To Look At You', 'Original Sin', 'I Send A Message', 'Love Is (What I Say), 'Melting In The Sun', 'Burn For You', 'Dancing On The Jetty', 'All The Voices'.

livinginxs.jpg  Living INXS (1986)

Recorded live at 'Rocking The Royals' performance in Melbourne on Nov 4th, 1985 in front of Prince Charles & Princess Diana. 'Burn For You', 'Kiss The Dirt', 'Dancing On The Jetty', 'The One Thing', 'This Time', 'Shine Like It Does', 'Listen Like Thieves', 'What You Need', 'One X One', 'Original Sin', 'Don't Change'.

whatyouneedvideo.jpg What You Need (1986)

Released in USA only.  Contains video clips for 'Listen Like Thieves', 'Kiss The Dirt', 'This Time', 'What You Need' plus behinds the scenes footage. 

australianmadevideo.jpg Australian Made (1987)

Directed by Richard Lowenstein.  Contains live footage from the 'Australian Made' Tour in the summer of 1986/87.  INXS tracks include 'Melting In The Sun', 'Burn For You', 'The Loved One', 'What You Need', 'Good Times.  Plus behind the scenes footage and interviews.

 kickflick.jpg Kick The Video Flick (1988)

Contains videos from the 'Kick' album including 'Devil Inside', 'Need You Tonight', 'Mediate', 'Never Tear Us Apart', 'New Sensation', 'Guns In The Sky'.  Plus behind the scenes footage.

insearchofexcellence.jpg In Search Of Excellence (1989)

Directed by Hamish Cameron to document the bands 'Kick' tour during 1987/88.  Includes 'New Sensation', 'Don't Change (live)', 'Kiss The Dirt', 'What You Need', 'This Time', 'Listen Like Thieves', 'Devil Inside', 'Mystify', 'WHat You Need (live), 'Need You Tonight (live)', 'Mediate (live)'.  Extracts from 'Kick (live)', 'Guns In The Sky', 'The Loved One (live)', 'Never Tear Us Apart', 'Sine Like It Does (live)'.  Also includes interviews, backstage and achive footage.

profiled.jpg Selected INXS (1990)

Promotional video issued by Mercury Records in the UK.  Includes videos for 'Original Sin', 'This Time', 'What You Need', 'Kiss The Dirt', 'Need You Tonight', 'Mediate', 'New Sensation', 'Devil Inside', 'Never Tear Us Apart', 'Mystify', 'Suicide Blonde'.

greatestvideohits.jpg Greatest Video Hits [1980 - 1990] (1991) 

Contains videos for 'Just Keep Walking', 'The Loved One', 'Stay Young', 'The One Thing', 'Spy Of Love', 'Don't Change', 'Original Sin', 'I Send A Message', 'Burn For You', 'Melting In The Sun', 'Love Is (What I Say), 'Dancing On The Jetty', 'All The Voices', 'What You Need', 'This Time', 'Kiss The Dirt', 'Listen Like Thieves', 'Need You Tonight', 'Mediate', 'Devil Inside', 'New Sensation', 'Guns In The SKy', 'Never Tear Us Apart', 'Suicide Blonde.  Also includes band interviews.

livebabylivevideo.jpg Live Baby Live (1991)

Recorded live at 'Summer XS' Wembley Stadium, July 13th, 1991. 'Guns In The Sky', 'New Sensation', 'I Send A Message', 'The Stairs', 'Know The Difference', 'Disappear', 'By My Side', 'Hear That Sound', 'Original Sin', 'The Loved One', 'Wild Life', 'Mystify', 'Bitter Tears', 'Suicide Blonde', 'What You Need', 'Kick', 'Need You Tonight', 'Mediate', 'Never Tear Us Apart', 'Who Pays The Price', 'Devil Inside'.

thegiftvideo.jpg The Gift (1993)

5-track video single released in Australia only.  Includes 'The Gift', 'Need You Tonight', 'Kiss The Dirt', 'What You Need' and 'Burn For You'

 makemyvideo.jpg INXS Make My Video (1993)

Sega Mega-CD game to make your own INXS video clip.  The 3 INXS songs to choose from are 'Heaven Sent', 'Not Enough Time' and 'Baby Don't Cry'.

greatvideoexperience.jpg The Great Video Experience (1994)

Includes X-Documentary with video for 'Suicide Blonde' 12", 'The Stairs', 'Bitter Tears' 12", 'Disappear' 12".  Plus videos for 'Need You Tonight', 'Mystify', 'New Sensation (live)', 'Taste It', 'Heaven Sent', 'Baby Don't Cry', 'Beautiful Girl', 'Not Enough Time', 'The Gift', 'Please (You Got That..)', 'Time', 'The Strangest Party'.  Plus behind the scenes footage.

 ewcdrom.jpg  Elegantly Wasted CD-Rom (1997)

Promotional CD-rom issued in the UK to promote 'Elegantly Wasted'.  Includes interviews, rehearsal footage, video clips, biography, song information and screensaver.

 interactivesongbook1.jpg INXS Interactive Songbook (1998)

Cd-rom to teach you to play 10 of INXS's Greatest Hits on keyboards, guitar or vocals.  Also includes interviews, videos, discography & game. 

livebabylivedvd.jpg Live Baby Live DVD (2003)

21 live tracks from Summer XS gig at Wembley Stadium, July 13th, 1991.  Plus 40 minute behind the scenes documentary, band Commetary, photo galleries, 'Talk Baby Talk' documentary.  Plus bonus recording of 'Lately' not included on original video.  Also released on Sony PSP in 2005.

Ten From The Years DVD (2003)

Realeased in Australia and the UK / Europe Includes 10 video clips 'Just Keep Walking', 'The One Thing', 'Original Sin', 'What You Need', 'New Sensation', 'Never Tear Us Apart', 'Suicide Blonde', 'Taste It', 'The Gift', 'Elegantly Wasted.

mtvawardsdvd.jpg MTV Video Music Awards – Rock DVD (2003)

Released to relive some of the finest live performances from past  MTV Awards.  Includes INXS's 1990 live performance of 'Suicide Blonde'.

Australian Made DVD (2004)

Released in USA & UK by Magnum Music Group.  Features 6 INXS songs live – 'Melting In The Sun', 'Burn For You', 'Mystify', 'What You Need', 'The Loved One', 'Don;t Change'.

 needyoutonightdvd.jpg Need You Tonight Classic Singles DVD (2004)

Released by Universal Music in Europe only.  Includes videos for 'Need You Tonight', 'Need You Tonight (live at Aspen 1997), 'New Sensation', 'Never Tear Us Apart', 'Burn For You'.

imonlylookingdvd.jpg I'm Only Looking 2DVD (2004)

Double DVD released in Australia, UK / Europe and Japan.  Includes video for 25 of the bands greatest hits.  Plus DVD of 10 live songs, X remixed package, Concert For Life documentary, Pictures from a Full Moon, 5 Rare and Unreleased videos, behind the scenes interviews with the INXS, Chris Murphy, Richard Lowenstein & Troy Davies.  Plus photo gallery.

whatyouneedusadvd.jpg What You Need Collection DVD (2004) 

USA only DVD featuring 20 of INXS's hit videos including 'Just Keep Walking', 'The One Thing', 'Don't Change', 'Original Sin', 'This Time', 'What You Need', 'Kiss The Dirt', 'Listen Like Thieves', 'Need You Tonight', 'Mediate', 'Devil Inside', 'New Sensation', 'Never Tear Us Apart', 'Mystify', 'Sucide Blonde', 'Disappear', 'Shining Star', 'Beautiful Girl', 'The Gift', 'Elegantly Wasted'.

liveaiddvd.jpg Live Aid DVD Box Set (2004)

Contains 2 live songs 'What You Need' and 'Don't Change' from INXS's 'Oz For Africa' performance from the Sydney Entertainment Centre whichi were beamed around the world for 'Live Aid' in July 1985. 

essential.jpg The Essential INXS DVD (2005)

USA-only release.  Includes 20 INXS hits.  Plus exclusive Karaoke option on 5 video clips. 'Just Keep Walking', 'Don't Change', 'Original Sin', 'What You Need', 'Kiss The Dirt', 'Listen Like Thieves', 'Need You Tonight', 'Devil Inside', 'Never Tear Us Apart', 'New Sensation', 'Mystify', 'Suicide Blonde', 'Disappear', 'Shining Star', 'Not Enough Time', 'Taste It', 'Baby Don't Cry', 'Beautiful Girl', 'The Gift', 'Elegantly Wasted'.

triplejenterthe80s.jpg Enter The 80's DVD (2005)

Triple J Archive Collection presents clips from their vault.  Includes INXS performing 'Just Keep Walking' on Countdown.  And a bonus cd which includes 'Doctor' live at the Manly Vale Hotel in October, 1980.

countdowndvd.jpg Countdown The Wonder Years (2006)

Includes INXS's Countdown performance of 'Don't Change' from 1982.  Plus a bonus cd with album version of 'Stay Young'.

newsensationdvd.jpg INXS New Sensation DVD (2006)

Released in Australia & UK / Europe.  An unauthorised documentary film with exclusive interviews, photos plus interactive trivia quiz & discography. 

inxsgold.jpg INXS Gold: The Videos DVD (2007)

Released by Universal Music.  Features 16 video clips 'New Sensation', 'Devil Inside', 'Listen Like Thieves', 'What You Need', 'Original Sin', 'Bitter Tears', 'Never Tear Us Apart', 'I Send A Message', 'Elegantly Wasted', 'Suicide Blonde', 'Mystify', 'Beautiful Girl', 'Need You Tonight / Mediate', 'Baby Don't Cry', 'Heaven Sent', 'Disappear'.

nightmovesdvd.jpg Nightmoves DVD (2008)

Clips from the 1977-1984 music TV show in Australia.  Includes INXS performing 'To Look At You' live at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne for the 'Stop The Drop' concert.

germany1984.jpg INXS Live: Germany 1984 DVD (2009)

Released by Immortal in Europe only.  INXS in Hamburg, Germany, May 8th, 1984.  20 live songs including 'To Look At You', 'Soul Mistake', 'Just Keep Walking', 'Face The Change', 'Melting In The Sun', 'Old World New World', 'The One Thing', 'Love Is (What I Say)', 'Jan's Song', 'Dancing On The Jetty', 'Black & White', 'Spy Of Love', 'I Send A Message', 'Original Sin', 'Don't Change', 'Golden Playpen', 'The Swing', 'Stay Young', 'Wishy Washy', The Loved One'.

 loreley.jpg  INXS Mystify: Live at Loreley 1997 DVD (2010)

Released by Eagle Rock Entertainment Ltd.  Includes 'Elegantly Wasted', 'New Sensation', 'Taste It', 'I'm Just A Man', 'Heaven Sent', 'Searching', 'Disappear', 'Never Tear Us Apart', 'Everything', 'Need You Tonight', 'Bitter Tears', 'Girl On Fire', 'Kick', 'Devil Inside', 'What You Need', 'Don't Lose Your Head', 'Mystify', Suicide Blonde.  Plus 6 bonus tracks from Germany 1984 – 'Just Keep Walking', 'The One Thing', 'I Send A Message', 'Original Sin', 'Don't Change', 'Stay Young'.










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