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Remembering Michael Hutchence On His 54th Birthday (Jan 22nd, 2014)

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

Today, January 22nd, 2014 marks what would have been Michael's 54th birthday.

We would like fans and friends from all over the world to join us in remembering the remarkable life of Michael Hutchence.

Please leave your own birthday message to Michael on the Official Michael Hutchence facebook page (

’25th Anniversary Of KICK’ – Australian TV Special (Max Sept 17th, 2012 at 9.30pm EST)

Saturday, September 8th, 2012


MAX is celebrating the 25th Anniversary of KICK, the sixth studio album by INXS, released in 1987 and selling over 14 million copies.

The album yielded four Top 10 US singles and propelled Michael Hutchence and the band to an unprecedented popularity.

An Australian premiere, the documentary is a track by track look at the masterpiece as told by the Farriss brothers – Andrew, Jon and Tim – and features previously unseen footage of the late Michael Hutchence. The INXS band members take us through every song on the classic album to share the songwriting process and significance of each track, anecdotes on music videos, their personal highlights, as well as what the album means to them. The result is an engaging insight into what is the definitive album of INXS’ career.

KICK cemented INXS’ reputation and firmly established it as a force to be reckoned with. The band members remained defiant against pressure from their American record label to re-record the album amid concerns it wasn’t commercially viable, because they knew that KICK was going to take them to the next level. Their intuition was right.

Each of the twelve songs on the explosive rhythm rock album is explored in INXS: KICK – The 25th Anniversary Special. From the anthemic spearhead of the album, ‘Guns In The Sky’, to ‘New Sensation’, ‘Devil Inside’, ‘Need You Tonight’, ‘Mystify’ and one of the band’s most enduring hits ‘Never Tear Us Apart’, which has spawned an abundance of covers including versions by Ben Harper and Adele.

As this momentous anniversary approaches, tune in to INXS: KICK – The 25th Anniversary Special on September 17 at 9:30pm to reminisce on this Australian masterpiece or discover it for the first time.

Universal Music Australia is releasing a 25th Anniversary Super Deluxe 3CD + DVD edition of KICK on September 28.

Monday September 17 at 9.30pm EST on MAX
Encore Screening Sunday September 23 at 10pm EST

The ‘Concert For Life’ Was Held 20 Years Ago Today In Sydney!

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

March 28th, 2012

On this day in 1992 the 'Concert For Life' was held in front of a crowd of approximately 62,000 people who filled Centennial Park in Sydney.  Staged as one of the biggest charity events held in Australia, and featuring Australia's best musical talent at the time who had all come together to raise money for AIDS and Heart Research at St. Vincents Hospital in Sydney.

This was the first time the park was allowed to be used for an event like this, as they were worried about the environmental effect it would have on the parklands.  Since the concert however, Centennial Park is now used as one of Sydney's premier entertainment areas, holding many concerts and cinema screenings in the park.

The Concert For Life was headlined by INXS, who had just sold out Wembley Stadium in London the previous year, so they wanted to be able to recreate that in Australia.  Compared to the rest of the world Australia had very few quality outdoor concert venues.  This was billed as the only time INXS would perform anywhere in the world during 1992.

The lineup also featured Def FX, Yothu Yindi, Ratcat, Jenny Morris, Diesel and Crowded House.  Along with special guest appearances from Jimmy Barnes, Jon Stevens, Kate Ceberano, James Reyne, James Blundell, Deborah Conway and the late Troy Newman who died in 1997.

INXS felt it was important to stage the event in Centennial Park which is close to the symbolic heart of the city, and to donate their services for the important causes.  The event wasn't just able raising money for the charity, it was also about raising the publics awareness about AIDS and Heart Research.  And in memory of Dr Victor Chang, a leading doctor who was murdered in the streets of Sydney.

The ticket price was kept to just $21 which was great value for see Australia's premier acts performing all day!  This lead to a gross income of $1,823 110 that was made, after the expenses were taken out the charity recieved a donation of $608 000.  St. Vincents Hospital described the Concert For Life as "a great success in every respect", and despite media allegations of overspending, are satisfied with the final profit.  "There were just some real costs that had to be paid".


In the lead up to the event it was hoped to raise up to a 1 million dollars, however it was an overcast day so the concert was down about 10,000 people than they expected to turn up and had catered for.  When INXS finished their set it poured with rain.   

Certain people in the Australian Music Industry and media used the final figures to get back at INXS's Manager Chris Murphy who was disliked for his success and keeping the band in a bubble which was seen as arrogance.  People thought the band should have been on every tv show talking about how they feel about the charitys.  They were also jealous of the success INXS had achieved overseas as apart from maybe Midnight Oil and Kylie Minogue at the time, other acts from Australia were so far away from INXS's popularity and success outside of Australia.


So the media picked on any little sign of success, like the fact INXS arrived at the concert in limos, that they had security guards backstage, that they had their own bigger tent, but this was just the normal situation for the band overseas at festivals who at the time even had their own private plane.  So it was very much the tall poppy syndrome.  "Australian's don't like people to be successful for too long, Australia is very much an underdog country" Michael Hutchence would later say.


The Concert For Life turned into a PR disaster for INXS.  Andrew Farriss even had to move his family overseas to escape the attacks.  The criticism seemed to be unfair, as what had INXS done wrong?  They just raised over half a million dollars for a charity! 

If you ignore all the drama that happened afterwards, the actual concert on the day was a great performance!  The band had done a couple of secret small warm up gigs in the days prior at Avalon RSL & Paddington RSL.  Which is something the band really enjoyed doing.  That would lead to the band doing small pub shows around the world the following year as the whole grunge period kicked in.


The band had being recording their new album 'Welcome To Wherever You Are' and broke the recording session just to do the charity concert.  So they used the 'Concert For Life' to give fans a special preview of some of the new tracks including 'Heaven Sent', 'Taste It', 'All Around' and 'Baby Don't Cry'.

This would be the only time they would perform 'Baby Don't Cry' live with Michael Hutchence.  The band had a 75 piece orchestra on stage to re-create the album version which also used an orchestra.  They also got to perform the classic 'Never Tear Us Apart' with the orchestra during the encore.

The new album had to be delayed for months due to the negative press surrounding the concert so it didn't end up getting released until August.  But 'Welcome To Wherever You Are' still debuted at no.1 in the UK.  The first Australian band to do that since AC/DC's 'Back In Black'.

The Concert was broadcast live on Triple J radio around Australia, not just INXS but all the bands!  The concert was also filmed and in July 1992 the media were issued with a 20 minute doco that was directed by Richard Lowenstein and produced by Michele Bennett.  This was to be used to promote the upcoming album, with behind the scenes and live footage from The Concert For Life and warm-up gigs.  This doco would later be included in the bonus features on the ARIA Award nominated 2-DVD set 'INXS: I'm Only Looking' released in 2003.


The 'Concert For Life' has also appeared on a few professional pressed bootleg cd's.  These cd's don't contain the full set however.  The full set list was:

Guns In the Sky
New Sensation
I Send A Message
The Stairs
Bitter Tears
Heaven Sent
Taste It
Need You Tonight
All Around
Suicide Blonde
What You Need
Devil Inside
Baby Don't Cry
Never Tear Us Apart

If you attended the 'Concert For Life' in Sydney 20 years ago, let us know your memories of the day or send in any personal photos you have from the day!

('Concert For Life' Memorabilia from Matthew Marsland's Personal Collection…YouTube videos uploaded by UKINXSFan)



Kylie Minogue Dedicates ‘Bittersweet Goodbye’ To Michael Hutchence On Her Current Australian Tour!

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012


Kylie Minogue wrote the song 'Bittersweet Goodbye' about Michael Hutchence and is dedicating it to him during her current 'Anti Tour' of Australia! 

Watch her performance of the song from the Palace Theatre in Melbourne last night.



Lyrics to 'Bittersweet Goodbye'
Written by Kylie Minoge & Steve Anderson
Taken from the album 'Light Years'
Released 2000

Here we are in the dead of night
Will you keep me warm and hold me tight
All we have is until the dawn
Let the night be long and ease the dawn
I love you more than you'll ever know
It hurts to see you go
So Darling sing me a lullaby
Bittersweet goodbye
Don't think about the future now
These few hours
Let the nighttime envelop us
Take us under
Bewitching spell, bewitching spell
Here we are in the dead of night
Won't see you past the morning light
So Darling sing me a lullaby
Bittersweet goodbye
Remember me when you're away




15 Years Ago Today Since INXS Rocked The Rockies In Aspen, Colorado!

Saturday, February 4th, 2012


February 4th, 2012:

"Hello beautiful Aspen people…in all kinds of ways I'm sure" – Michael Hutchence

Today marks 15 years since INXS kicked off their 'Elegantly Wasted' world tour in Aspen, Colorado. 


In the days prior the band did a small warm up show in preparation for Aspen at ABC studios in Sydney for only around 200 media and friends, which included the only time the band performed the track 'Building Bridges' live in their set list.

Aspen is like wonderland, full of the rich and famous, everything is too perfect.  Situated in a deep valley with pine trees up one side and ski slopes up the other.  The band arrived 2 days prior to the show and checked into their accomodation around 50 metres from a chair lift and a view over looking the ski slopes.  In their spare time INXS got to hit the slopes in snow mobiles!

Next day was rehearsals at Wheeler Opera House.  The venue was about 110 years old with some really beautiful architecture.  The back wall of the stage was covered in a lot of old INXS posters, however at the sides of the stage someone had hung this strange chiffon material which looked very tacky and the band wanted it removed but the producers wouldn't move on it!  Eventually they agreed and the crew spent the next 2 hours with a knife ripping it up and black spray paint to cover it up.  As the band wanted the stage to look like a back alley way not Liberace's bed room!


Show day and the concert was not without drama!  During the show the stage started to collapse and emergency supports had to be placed under the stage, which Michael comments on during the show, and says it's similar to a show they did 4 years prior at the Paradiso in Amsterdam on the 'Get Out Of The House' tour where they knocked that venue down in one song.


The Aspen show filmed by VH-1 was titled 'Rock The Rockies' and was broadcast in USA on March 1st, 1997 and in Australia on May 5th, 1997.  The songs which were broadcast were:

New Sensation
Elegantly Wasted
Listen Like Thieves
Suicide Blonde
Devil Inside
Need You Tonight
Never Tear Us Apart
What You Need
Don't Change

VH-1 have never released the full concert on DVD.  The only official full release of the concert is the Mercury Records Promo Only Video pictured above.  However 2 tracks have had official commercial DVD releases in 2004.  'Elegantly Wasted' can be found on the 'INXS: I'm Only Looking' 2DVD set, while 'Need You Tonight' is included on the 'Need You Tonight' DVD Retro single released in Europe.  The concert is also easily found for fans to view on YouTube.


In Australia if you pre-ordered the 'Elegantly Wasted' album from a Brashs Music store customers received a free 6-track 'INXS Live in Aspen' promo cd.  This cd is quite rare to find these days and sort after by collectors.  The cd contained the following tracks:

New Sensation
Elegantly Wasted
Need You Tonight
What You Need


The band regarded the Aspen show as one of the highlights of the 1997 tour and commented that it is always great to play in the snow towns, and great to play new material live.

Let us know which is your favourite track from the Aspen 1997 concert?  Watch 'Elegantly Wasted' live in Aspen below.







Remembering Michael Hutchence On His 52nd Birthday (January 22nd, 2012)

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012


Today, January 22nd, 2012 marks what would have been Michael's 52nd birthday.

We would like fans and friends from all over the world to join us in remembering the remarkable life of Michael Hutchence.

Leave your own birthday message to Michael in the comments below, in the forum or on the Official Michael Hutchence facebook page (

Please take a moment today to remember what Michael meant to you, listen to his music or watch his many videos.  For thousands of people around the world Michael wrote and sung songs that were the soundtrack of their lives.

For generations growing up in the 80's and 90's Michael was a unique talent and the consummate Rockstar who was adored all around the world.

Now as we enter the 15th year since Michael left us it is important to restore, preserve and celebrate Michael's legacy he left us for future generations to enjoy. 

A number of projects are currently in the pipeline to remind the world of Michael's unique talent and creative genius.  Thanks everyone for their patience but it will be worth the wait!
All of us at would like to thank Michael's many loyal and dedicated fans, who keep Michael's memory alive year after year. The love you show for Michael is very much appreciated by Michael's friends and family.
Happy Birthday Hutch!  You are forever missed and loved… 




Winners Announced In The Michael Hutchence Jeanswest T-Shirt Competition!

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012



Thanks for the hundreds of entries in received for our competition over the past month. 

The correct answer was photographer Tony Mott who took the photos of Michael Hutchence which appear on the t-shirts!

The 4 winners who win a t-shirt / singlet thanks to Jeanswest are:

Melissa O'Brien

Steve Waddell

Allan Reid

Isabella Sousa

Congratulations!  We will email you shortly with details on claiming your prize.

Thanks to everyone who entered…watch out for another competition soon!



Collectors News: ‘The Music Of Michael Hutchence’ USA 13-Track Promo-Only CD

Thursday, January 19th, 2012


Collectors News:

Last month 'The Music Of Michael Hutchence' cd was issued in North America to the media & entertainment companies for promotional purposes only.  The cd was issued by 'The Music Sales Group' who represent both publishing and masters rights for Michael's solo material. 

The 13-track cd features a selection of 11 songs from Michael's debut solo album released posthumously in 1999, and the 2 bonus tracks 'Standing On The Roof Top' and 'Let The People Talk'. 

Very limited numbers of this promotional cd were produced so for the serious Michael Hutchence / INXS collectors be on the look out for this cd! 

For information on all Michael's other solo releases and releases with INXS, check out the Discography section in the menu at the top of this page!



Christmas Competition: Win Official Michael Hutchence T-shirts & Singlets!

Sunday, December 18th, 2011


Thanks to Jeanswest we are giving away Michael Hutchence shirts from the recently released 'Aussie Assault' Series!

For your chance to win simply answer the following question -

"What is the name of the famous music photographer who took the photos of Michael which feature on the shirts?"

Please send your answer along with your name and email address into:

Entries close: January 18th, 2012 with the 4 winners announced here on January 22nd, 2012.

Note: Prize shirts are available in Medium and Large sizes only

Good Luck!


In Memoriam: Michael Hutchence Jan 22nd, 1960 – Nov 22nd, 1997

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011


Today we remember Michael who left us 14 years ago.  As the years go by, his music and memory still brings happiness to tens of thousands of people around the world. 

He is so very missed, there is just no one like him left in the music industry.  He was one of the last great rock stars of our time.  A legend alongside the likes of John Lennon, Mick Jagger and Jim Morrison. 

Michael lives on in his legacy he left us.   Thanks to his many fans who still carry the torch and support Michael.

Our love goes out to Michael's family & friends. 

Wishing you peace & happiness Michael.  We will never forget you!

(Photo: Matthew Marsland)