‘The Swing’ & ‘Kick’ make the new ’100 Best Australian Albums’ Book

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The 100 Best Australian Albums is a new book compiled and written by John O’Donnell (former music editor of Rolling Stone Australia and CEO of EMI Australasia), Toby Creswell (former editor of Rolling Stone Australia and author of Too Much Ain’t Enough and The Real Thing: Adventures in Australian Rock N Roll – 1957-Now) and Craig Mathieson (author of Hi-Fi Ways and The Sell-In) and is to be released via Hardie Grant on October 27, 2010.  A 5-CD set will also be released the same day.

As the name suggests, the book lists the 100 best Australian albums of the rock & roll/pop era – the albums that have had the greatest influence on the musical fabric of our country.

Two INXS albums featuring Michael Hutchence made the book with 'The Swing' and 'Kick'.

Back in 1994, a list of the top 100 was also put together for the 'Real Wild Child' Australian Music Expo.  That list was compiled by Toby Creswell, Peter Cox and John O'Brien.  It ranked Max Q as the 13th best Australian album of all time, with INXS 'Kick' album at #41.

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  1. Jane Alpert says:

    It seems to me that INXS is being managed very stupidly. Are they trying to ruin their legacy and MICHAEL"s? Not being in these compilations is so ridiculous! How are new generations supposed to get a taste? Already here in the US, videos of INXS with Michael have stopped. They do play the Wembley performance from time to time on VH1 Classic, though. I don't want to sound like a hater of INXS, but I'm getting very angry, indeed!

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