Remembering Michael Hutchence on his 53rd Birthday (Jan 22nd, 2013)

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Today, January 22nd, 2013 marks what would have been Michael's 53rd birthday.

We would like fans and friends from all over the world to join us in remembering the remarkable life of Michael Hutchence.

Leave your own birthday message to Michael in the comments below, or on the Official Michael Hutchence facebook page (

Please take a moment today to remember what Michael meant to you, listen to his music or watch his many videos.  For thousands of people around the world Michael wrote and sung songs that were the soundtrack of their lives.

For generations growing up in the 80's and 90's Michael was a unique talent and the consummate Rockstar who was adored all around the world.  We all miss you!

Happy 53rd Birthday Hutch!!

17 Responses to “Remembering Michael Hutchence on his 53rd Birthday (Jan 22nd, 2013)”

  1. Alejandro Solari says:

    Oh dear Michael, my all time hero.
    What can I say?….have the greatest birthday party, wherever you are!

  2. Heather Hartzell says:

    From the time I was 12 years old, I can’t think of a time when Michael’s music hasn’t been part of my life. Even after he died, and his music was too painful for me to listen to, it was still in my head and my heart. Michael’s music has always been there for me-through good times and bad. That will never change. I love you, Michael.

  3. Soonja Hixon says:

    Happy Birthday 53rd birthday Michael.  You are so dearly missed by all those you have affected.  We will remember you through your pictures, but most of all, your beautiful music.  Love always!

  4. Jenny Hume says:

    Happy Birthday Michael – sweet soul, loved & missed.

  5. dani says:

    Michael love u!! Feliz cumpleaños!!

  6. Jose Luis says:

    Feliz cumple Genio inmortal!!!

  7. Fabiola González S. says:

    Unique Michael Hutchence, unforgettable to me as to many true fans around the world that miss him soo much! my aussie idol and dream man forever! Happy birthday hutch wherever u are! Love & Peace!

  8. Alejandro Solari says:

    Recordando a Michael Hutchence en su Cumpleaños 53 (22 de enero de 2013)
    Hoy nos gustaría que fans y amigos de todo el mundo, se unieran a nosotros para recordar la notable vida de Michael Hutchence.

    Dejen sus mensajes de cumpleaños a Michael en o en el Facebook Oficial de Michael Hutchence (
    Por favor hoy tómense un momento para recordar lo que Michael significó para Uds., escuchar su música o ver sus tantos videos. Para miles de personas de todo el mundo, Michael escribió y cantó canciones que son la banda sonora de sus vidas.
    Para generaciones que crecieron en los 80s y 90s, Michael fue un talento único y el Rockstar consumado, quien fue adorado alrededor del mundo. ¡Te extrañamos!.

    ¡Felices 53 Hutch!

  9. Jacobo says:

    El mejor cantante de todos los tiempos, un verdadero Rockstar, un idolo, un completo artista, gracias por tus canciones y por tu puesta en escena. Por siempre en mi corazón y en el del resto de tus fans. Life forever. 

  10. Jacobo says:

    The best singer of all time, a true Rockstar, an idol, a complete artist, thanks for your songs and your performance. Forever in my heart and in the rest of your fans. Life forever.

  11. CLAU FEM says:


  12. Pat Pepe says:

    Wow… Michael… so much to be said about ya, Babe… I have listened to ur eternal charismatic talented sensuous voice since I can remember of… & there´s no possible way in which I can imagine livin´ a single day of my whole life without ever recallin´ ur both inside & outside beauty…which shall forever remain in the hearts of those who learnt to love ya deeply as I do worldwidely…!!!!! May ya heve the happiest, most joyful 53 rd Birthday ever, MH… up in HEAVEN from where ya were sent & where ya belong to now…So sure we´ll hopefully meet up above where "Stars" only shine… That´s where "4ever Shinin´ Stars" like ya belong to…!! Loves ya deep & eternally, Pat. <3 xoxoxoxo <3

  13. Nadia Nerea says:

    Movimientos de un ángel que con su danza,
    su hermoso y cálido cantar se gano mas que el cielo.
    Extrovertida sensualidad y simpático mirar
    era lo que brotaba de ti mismo.
    Genialidad musical y amabilidad
    es lo que nos hace tenerte presente siempre
    en los corazones, retinas y oídos, al escuchar de tu voz palabras mágicas que te hacen brillar desde lo mas profundo.
    Nuevas sensaciones son las que dejaste en el camino cuando sin aviso diste marcha a la gira por el camino celestial, al que pronto te veremos rockear de nuevo.
    Explicarte no es necesario, solo saber que estas presente en nuestras almas, por siempre Hutch.
    Live Michael Live ~

    Love u Mike… I miss you!!!

  14. Regi says:

    To wherever you are Michael, sending you Happy Birthday and having a glass of champagne on you. You gifted us with your all – your voice lives on, so powerful and sensitive. Cheers

  15. Ximena says:

    Happy birthday dear !!…thank you for all Michael….I'll never forget you.

  16. sheila kitchell says:

    Happy 53rd and thanks for all those great songs my song for the month is new sensation as allways for a new year so glad i got to see you 2 times though never got to meet you or inxs to this day but the concerts will allways be in my heart it was a cold day here in ny usa but i have a lot of songs on  myp 3 and that allways warms me up you will allways be my Shining star keep singing to mom and dad dont change and see you next month miss you baby and hope you had a great birthday rip michael xoxoxoxo

  17. CRISTINA says:

    Feliz cumpleaños hermoso MIKE, siempre he tenido la sensación de que estás aun aquí, debe ser porque cuando escucho tus canciones o te veo en videos y entrevistas, estás tan lleno de energía que la misma trasciende y es imposible creer que ya no estés, muchos te recordamos y lo seguiremos haciendo…

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