Kylie Minogue Dedicates ‘Bittersweet Goodbye’ To Michael Hutchence On Her Current Australian Tour!

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Kylie Minogue wrote the song 'Bittersweet Goodbye' about Michael Hutchence and is dedicating it to him during her current 'Anti Tour' of Australia! 

Watch her performance of the song from the Palace Theatre in Melbourne last night.



Lyrics to 'Bittersweet Goodbye'
Written by Kylie Minoge & Steve Anderson
Taken from the album 'Light Years'
Released 2000

Here we are in the dead of night
Will you keep me warm and hold me tight
All we have is until the dawn
Let the night be long and ease the dawn
I love you more than you'll ever know
It hurts to see you go
So Darling sing me a lullaby
Bittersweet goodbye
Don't think about the future now
These few hours
Let the nighttime envelop us
Take us under
Bewitching spell, bewitching spell
Here we are in the dead of night
Won't see you past the morning light
So Darling sing me a lullaby
Bittersweet goodbye
Remember me when you're away




3 Responses to “Kylie Minogue Dedicates ‘Bittersweet Goodbye’ To Michael Hutchence On Her Current Australian Tour!”

  1. Alejandro Solari says:

    Kylie Minogue dedica “Bittersweet Goodbye” (“Despedida Agridulce”) a Michael Hutchence en su actual gira por Australia!
    Kylie Minogue escribió la canción “Bittersweet Goodbye” acerca de Michael Hutchence y se la está dedicando a él durante su actual “Anti Tour” por Australia!
    Observa su performance de la canción, anoche en el Palace Theatre de Melbourne.

  2. sheila kitchell says:

    thanks kylie i love it and i love you i pray all the time you had stayed with Michael love all your songs good luck to you dont change love with Michael and inxs sheila xoxoxo i am glad i got to see michael 2 times but dont think you were with him then and this summer saw inxs again and now cant wait to see inxs again with ciaran jd was good but no one can ever replace michael and i will never get over loosing him thank god for the music that will never die stay safe god bless you rock on

  3. monia says:

    <3 ai kylie….essa musica é linda…
    eu tenho certeza que ela ama ele até hoje… :) das mulheres que michael teve ,acredito que kylie foia que mais o amou verdadeiramente…
    ela é muito doce,educada e gentil com todos…espero que ela supere tudo isso…porque tenho certeza que ela continua amando michael.

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