Jimmy Barnes Tribute Poem For Michael Hutchence

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Michael Hutchence and Jimmy Barnes were great friends.  Jimmy was lead singer of one of Australia's most loved bands Cold Chisel, who then went on to become a successful solo artist. 

During 1986 Jimmy recorded two duets ('Good Times' & 'Laying Down The Law')  with Michael Hutchence.  The band featured INXS without Tim Farriss who was away fishing, and Jimmy's keyboard player Peter Kekel.

The songs were to be used for the 80's hit film 'The Lost Boys', but also as a joint single for the upcoming 'Australian Made' summer tour that INXS & Jimmy Barnes were headlining.  The single was released by Mushroom Records and reached no.2 on the ARIA charts.


After Michael's passing in 1997, Jimmy wrote this Tribute Poem for him…

To Michael,

I will light a candle
To show you the way
Just one of many, but it will shine brightly
So you can see
Follow the Love that shines from it
And the Respect that makes it burn
It comes from me

I will light the incense
That will make you calm
And take you messages of Peace
So you will know that no one judges
And that all is well

Go on your way
You Great Explorer
With your gentle, searching Gracious Heart
And take with you your 
Courage and passion
Slay those dragons and 
Rescue your maiden with Love songs
Like the true Hero that you are

I honour you and am blessed
To have known you
Albeit for such a short time
And I look forward to hearing
Of your tales and adventures
When next we meet, my Friend
Until then I will miss you

With love from my heart,


Coming Soon: Photo Gallery of Michael & Jimmy performing together on the Australian Made Tour, January 1987…


3 Responses to “Jimmy Barnes Tribute Poem For Michael Hutchence”

  1. Salomé says:

    This poem is heartbreaking. And beautiful.

  2. Lisa Antunes says:

    RIP Michael your remembered fondly

  3. julianne says:

    Beautiful words Jimmy
    R.I.P Michael I light a candle and burn Incense for u every year xox

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