‘INXS: The Very Best’ to be released by Universal Music on October 21st, 2011

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INXS The Very Best Released October 21st 2011

Universal Music are releasing a career-spanning INXS: The Very Best compilation album on October 21th. The Very Best will transport listeners through the band’s worldwide hits of the past and present.

The Very Best will be released as 1CD and 2CD + DVD deluxe releases. The 1CD edition is a neat collection of hits including ‘Need You Tonight’, ‘Original Sin’, ‘What You Need’, ‘Beautiful Girl’, ‘Kick’ and ‘Suicide Blonde’. The deluxe 3 disc package is a far more comprehensive collection. This package covers hits, fan favourites, remixes and mashups, live, rare and unreleased bonus material and a DVD with full 45 minute documentary and award winning promos. The documentary features unseen interview footage of the late great Michael Hutchence, alongside a very recent interview with the Farriss brothers individually.

Below is the 2CD & DVD tracklisting, more details will be announced soon!

Need You Tonight
Suicide Blonde
Taste It
Original Sin
Heaven Sent
Never Tear Us Apart
The Gift
Devil Inside
Beautiful Girl
By My Side
Kiss The Dirt
Elegantly Wasted
New Sensation
What You Need
Listen Like Thieves
Just Keep Walking
Bitter Tears
Baby Don't Cry

Don't Change
The One Thing
Shining Star
The Stairs
Please (You Got That..)
Burn For You
I Send A Message
The Loved One
This Time 
Shine Like It Does
Stay Young
Calling All Nations
To Look At You
Good Times (with Jimmy Barnes)
Need You Tonight (INXS vs Gwen Stefani mashup)
New Sensation (Live at Edinburgh Playhouse, 1987)
What You Need (Live at Edinburgh Playhouse, 1987)
Mystify (Live at Edinburgh Playhouse, 1987)
Disappear (Live at Brixton Academy, 1994)

Taste It (Top Of The Pops 1992)
The Strangest Party (Top Of The Pops 1994)
Never Tear Us Apart (Later With Jools Holland 1994)
Need you Tonight Promo Video
What you Need Promo Video
Beautiful Girl Promo Video
Suicide Blonde Promo Video
The Gift Promo Video

Advance Promo cd:

INXS: The Very Best is released October 21st, 2011 in Australia, October 24th in Sth America, UK & Europe

Australian Pre-Order for single disc version now available:



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  1. Canta says:

    The ONE and ONLY man I have ever liked:)

  2. jimavfc says:

    Have you deliberately called it the Vest Best :-) ?

  3. Schopp says:

    Nice work. I liked the way you put this info forward with well written content and included the facts without over stating them. Well done :)

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