Australia Post Issues New INXS Stamp: Australian Legends Of Music Series

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Australian Legends Of Music issued January 18th, 2013
The 2013 Australia Post Legends Award honours five individuals and five groups that have made significant and lasting contributions to popular music in this country.  Over several decades, all have been important in moulding Australian cultural identity through music.
The popular success of singers John Farnham, Paul Kelly, Kylie Minogue, Olivia Newton-John, and groups INXS, AC/DC, Cold Chisel, Men At Work and the Seekers has secured the standing of Australian music both nationally and internationally.  Producer Ian 'Molly' Meldrum has always been a undefatigable champion of Australian music.  Together, these Australian Legends of Music are integral to our understanding and appreciation of what it is to be Australian.
The INXS stamp features the cover of their 1985 album 'Listen Like Thieves'.  At the time INXS were the most popular band in Australia, but this is the album that broke the band into the international market with the top 5 U.S.A. single 'What You Need', and uniquely Australian videos such as 'Kiss The Dirt' set in the Australian desert (Moon Plains in Sth Australia).
Stamp Collecting:
Booklet (contains 10 x 60c stamps)
First Day Cover Envelope
Postcard with stamp (issued in pack of 10 with other artists)
Stamp Pack

INXS Chequebook

Prestige Booklet

INXS / Paul Kelly Gutter Strip
Rock Australia 80's & 90's issued March 20th, 2001
Rock Australia takes us from the pub rock era of the late 70's to the dance and studio music of the 1990's.
This stamp series gives recognition of Australian music's role in our culture.  From the hard rock to the pure pop, the ten hit songs in Rock Australia highlight the diversity of the Australian contemporary music scene.  Some are seriously personal, and others just madcap fun.  All songs featured were great hits that found their way into the hearts of the music-loving public.  Each of them said something about us, and told the rest of the world this is what popular culture sounds like, and it has an Australian accent.
The songs of the era that are celebrated on each stamp are:
Khe Sanh (1978) – Cold Chisel
Down Under (1981) – Men At Work
Power and the Passion (1983) – Midnight Oil
Original Sin (1984) – INXS
You're The Voice (1986) – John Farnham
Don't Dream It's Over (1986) – Crowded House
Treaty (1991) – Yothu Yindi
Tomorrow (1994) – Silverchair
Confide In Me (1994) – Kylie Minogue
Truly Madly Deeply (1997) – Savage Garden
Stamp Collecting
First Day Cover (Traditional Gummed Stamps)
First Day Cover (Self-Adhesive Stamps)
First Day Cover (Alpha Picture Cover 1)
First Day Cover (Alpha Picture Cover 2)
Postcard with stamp (issued in packs of 10 with other artists)
Stamp Sheetlet Pack
Booklet (10 x 45c stamps)
Roll of 100 x 45c stamps
Collectors Pack (16 self-adhesive stamps + 3 message labels)
Rock Australia: the 80's & 90's (28 page book written by Glenn A. Baker)
Rock Australia 17-track CD (Australia Post / Mushroom Marketing)
Australian Stamp Bulletin issue no.259 March – May 2001

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  1. Ale says:

    Nice Matt, thanx!
    Postcard pack + 20 INXS stamps on the way to Chile LOL!
    I asked AU Post if they could just open some sets and sell me 10 INXS postcards, but they can't. I understand. I guess they'll end up in eBay soon.
    I have a few 2001 postcards / stamps too.
    But what are those other displays (Alpha Picture)?
    And that book! Something new to search for my collection :D

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