’25th Anniversary Of KICK’ – Australian TV Special (Max Sept 17th, 2012 at 9.30pm EST)

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MAX is celebrating the 25th Anniversary of KICK, the sixth studio album by INXS, released in 1987 and selling over 14 million copies.

The album yielded four Top 10 US singles and propelled Michael Hutchence and the band to an unprecedented popularity.

An Australian premiere, the documentary is a track by track look at the masterpiece as told by the Farriss brothers – Andrew, Jon and Tim – and features previously unseen footage of the late Michael Hutchence. The INXS band members take us through every song on the classic album to share the songwriting process and significance of each track, anecdotes on music videos, their personal highlights, as well as what the album means to them. The result is an engaging insight into what is the definitive album of INXS’ career.

KICK cemented INXS’ reputation and firmly established it as a force to be reckoned with. The band members remained defiant against pressure from their American record label to re-record the album amid concerns it wasn’t commercially viable, because they knew that KICK was going to take them to the next level. Their intuition was right.

Each of the twelve songs on the explosive rhythm rock album is explored in INXS: KICK – The 25th Anniversary Special. From the anthemic spearhead of the album, ‘Guns In The Sky’, to ‘New Sensation’, ‘Devil Inside’, ‘Need You Tonight’, ‘Mystify’ and one of the band’s most enduring hits ‘Never Tear Us Apart’, which has spawned an abundance of covers including versions by Ben Harper and Adele.

As this momentous anniversary approaches, tune in to INXS: KICK – The 25th Anniversary Special on September 17 at 9:30pm to reminisce on this Australian masterpiece or discover it for the first time.

Universal Music Australia is releasing a 25th Anniversary Super Deluxe 3CD + DVD edition of KICK on September 28.

Monday September 17 at 9.30pm EST on MAX
Encore Screening Sunday September 23 at 10pm EST

3 Responses to “’25th Anniversary Of KICK’ – Australian TV Special (Max Sept 17th, 2012 at 9.30pm EST)”

  1. Mel says:

    Maybe this is the year I get my INXS/KICK tattoo!  One of the best albums ever!  <3

  2. Theresa Pichler says:

    Great talent and charismatic style! Michael left a real legacy! aml, spungoldsoul

  3. bertrand says:

    In the best album"kick"!!!!!peace!!!!!!!

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